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Part Thirtysix: A fiend for the rarebit

The cover features Mayo in what I consider to be THE BEST HAT EVER. Does anyone know what those kinds of hats are called? Not a general term, like conical hat,but a specific title? I think the hats are awesome but I have zero references for them. I think I saw it in a show like Abarenbo Shogun or something, but I don't know what episode and I can't find any pics in google.Frustrating. Anyways! The title of this chapter is a little nod to Windsor McKay, creator of Little Nemo and another comic called Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend which is pretty excellent. See... cus dreams... are a common theme in his comics...and... and... Mayo's... dreams are shown a lot! Plus, as I've said before, coming up with a fitting title for every single 12 page section of this comic is tough. When I title things in other stories, I usually make them very literal, like "Regarding the time when Phil, feeling quite vexed over certain matters at work engages Steve in a debate to vent his frustrations". But I didn't want to do that for every chapter of this comic.



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