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Part Twelve:Let's and Go! PE Burning Dodgeball edit!

And so the dodgeball games begin! I've always wanted to do a sports comic and - being a fan of Kunio - dodgeball is the first thing that came to mind. I love the Dodge Danpei famicom games and those really rammed the idea of doing one into my head. I actually have the idea worked out enough for me to actually get to work on it immediately, but I don't think I ever will since by the time I'm actually free to do it, I don't think I'll care anymore. But it would have a cool 60s - 70s ish throwback style. Hmm... Mizushima Shinji's work would be pretty close, for the cooler looking of his characters.I have the designs for the various teams already worked out and everything(see? I really want to do it). Ah well. So anyways, I thought I'd see how it worked out directing a dodgeball game in this chapter. And it's tough. Man, it's hard to make throwing a ball back and forth interesting, plus, the confining chapter and page layout I work with(small panels, 12 pages per chapter) really restricted it. If I could have gone with a looser large panel format and worked things out a bit crazier I know I could get it to work, but I couldn't do that here. Ah well, something for the future. Saburo kind of resembles the main character from the dodgeball comic that I will never make. Jesus I'm rambling. Notice how violent the game is in here? Kids wouldn't be allowed to play it like that, would they? Or in the very least, they'd have a lot of trouble causing so much damage,but this is my world, and so they do.


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