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I think I went a bit too far with a joke in the opening of this chapter. Nothing terrible though. There's also a section in this chapter that I really really enjoy. I had it in my mind for months and patiently waited until the story finally got here to use it. It would have been so much better if it could have been animated, but I suppose its fine. You'll notice it when it comes up. Maybe. That's it. Well. . . I wasn't sure of how to dress the teacher, and ended up giving her something remarkably similar to Ururu's(Urara's older sister) school uniform. I'm not creative. The poems. . .I'd comment on them, but as I type this, I haven't written them yet. I'm sure they'll be good. I'll leave this text in the comments after I put them up. New character was introduced here too. Rather spontaneously, though I decided after that that I ought to show the entire class. I don't want to have random people in the background for each panel.


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