The HCG weight loss program – A faster way to lose unwanted weight

Many individuals who have reported weight loss by using the HCG weight loss program always put emphasis on how fast this process was. Reports have been made stating weight loss of more than 30 pounds in a two month period and so on.  With increasing popularity, this weight loss alternative has been put under the microscope and has been strictly scrutinized by many.

The HCG weight loss program is practically designed to help anyone not just lose weight but also do it quickly.  It is characterized by a very low calorie diet (500 calories per day), this amount is very low compared to the normal required energy values for a normal individual which are at least twice the number required for the HCG diet. This number is lower than the normal basal metabolic rate (BMR) which actually facilitates weight lost. With the combination of the HCG hormone which is principally important for preventing any hunger episodes and destruction of muscle tissue during the low calorie period.

The process usually begins with a 2 to 3 day period of excessive eating. The aim during this period is to be able to take in as many nutrients as possible in order to set up an environment the very low calorie diet will not have a negative impact.  High carbohydrate and high fat meals are the most recommended for this stage. The next stage is the main stage where HCG treatment and the weight loss diet come into play. This period can last from about 20 to 23 days but can be altered depending on the individual’s goal. A special diet has also be put in place, it contains all the necessary foods and the quantities they should be taken to make sure the daily calorie count is met. Lunch and dinner are the major meals while breakfast can be an option. The last stage is a stage of stabilizing your weight, here HCG treatment is stopped and the daily calorie intake increased. However, it is very important to continue following a strict diet, of an individual develops the bad habit of overeating, they are susceptible to putting back the weight they worked very hard to lose, it is all a matter of discipline

In summary, the HCG weight loss system is highly recommended for anyone with a wish to not only drop a few pounds, but also do it as quickly as possible.

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