wot si goin on?
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I imagine that birds have it pretty good.

I was recently introduced to an impressive new band called Batsupsidedown. They were initially described to me as "horror punk", which, in combination with their singer's fondness for the color black and the big Danzig drape on one of their amps, had me ready to believe that they were going to be some kind of Misfits impersonators (not unlike the current incarnation of the Misfits). That was a false impression, though, as they're more of a hardcore/indie outfit with a dark atmosphere. If you happen to live in the Philly area, try to go see them.

I spent a while this afternoon exploring an abandoned apartment complex with some friends. We found a room full of old clothes and a lot of Korean books and magazines. There was a man hitting baseballs with a baseball bat in the nearby park who may have seen us entering and leaving, but he didn't seem to care.


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